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Wigs are wigs which each of the hairs are hand-tied onto a base lace.
They are usually custom made to your own head measurements so it looks very natural
It have many kinds of type,like full lace wigs,lace front wigs,silk top lace wigs,
glueless lace wigs,celebrity lace wigs etc.More and more peoples wear lace wigs is 
not only for physical defect,but also for beauty and fashion.
In our online store,lace wigs are used 100% human hair,like brazilian virgin hair,
peruvian virgin hair,malaysian virgin hair,Indian virgin hair etc.
100% Human Hair Wigs for Women, Natural Looking, Comfortable, Breathable Feeling. Buy Now! 360 Wigs , Bob Wigs , Wigs For Black Women , Wigs For Women , High Quality & Cheap Price. 15 Day Easy Return.
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Item Type
U part Wigs(26) Wig(70) Human Hair 360 Lace Wig(15) 360 lace wig(4) 180 Density Lace Front Wig(1) None lace Wig(1) None Lace Wig(1) Short Human Hair wig(1) 150 density bob wig(1) 613 lace wig(4) Human Hair Bob Wig(1) Human Hair Full Lace Wig(29) Wigs For Women(2) Human Hair Bob Wig with Bangs(1) Human Hair Lace Wig(20) Human Hair Wig(10) Real Human Hair Wig(1) Lace Wig(1) Loose Wave Human Hair Lace Wig(1) Bob wig(1) 300% density lace front wig(3) Light yaki straight 360 lace wig(1) Water wave 360 lace wig(1) 100 Human Hair Lace Wig(1) 1B T Mint Green lace wig(1) Blonde Wig(2) Glueless Full Lace Wig(1) Red color human hair lace wig(1) 35# color lace wig(1) 1BTPink lace front wig(1) Hairpiece for women(1) 4T613# lace front wig(1) 1bT27 Lace Wig(1) Lace Front Wig(3) 1BTBlue lace wig(1) 1BTPink lace wig(1) 1BTred lace wig(1) 60# lace wig(1) lace front wig with bangs(1) Bob wig with bangs(2) 150 Density Wave Bob Wig(1) 99J lace wigs(1) 613 Lace Wig(1) 100% Human Hair Lace Wig(1) 360 Lace Wig(1) Grey lace wig(1) 8# Color Lace Wig(2) Ombre Lace Wig(1) Ombre Color Lace Wig(2) Bob Lace Front Wig(1) 100 Real Human Hair Lace Wig(1) 613# Blonde 360 Lace Wig(2) Bob Style Lace Front Wig(6) Full lace wig, 13x6 deep part lace front wig(1) 13X6 Deep Part Lace Front Wig(1) 250 Density 13x6 lace front wig(9) Brazilian human hair(8) 250 density lace wig(1) Glueless Wigs For Black Women(65) 250% Density Lace Wig(1) Glueless 250% density lace wig(1) 250% density lace wig(1) Glueless Wigs For Women(8) Human Hair Wigs For Black Women(3) Full Lace Wig(3) Human Hair Wigs For Women(3) Full Lace Bob Wig(1) Silk Base Full Lace Wig(1) Silk Top Full Lace Wig(1) Silk Base Full Lace wig(1) Silk Base Full Lace wigs(2) Glueless Wigs(1) 613# Blonde Wig(1) 13x6 Lace Frontal Wig(1) 6# Color Lace Wig(1) Real Human Hair Lace Wig(2) Ombre Color Human Hair Wig(1)
100% Brazilian virgin hair(147) 100% Peruvian virgin hair(8) 100% Burmese virgin hair(1) 100% Malaysian virgin hair(1) 100% Malaysia virgin hair(2) 100 Human hair(6) 100% Mongolian virgin hair(2) 100 Brazilian Human Hair(48) Real human hair(4) 100 Human Hair(17) Brazilian virgin hair(3) 100% virgin hair(67) 100 Brazilian human hair(1) Human Hair(9) 100 Brazilian Human Hair hair(1) 100% Brazilian Human Hair(6) 100 Chinese Human Hair(1) 100% Brazilian Hair(1) 100 Peruvian Human Hair(2) 100 Malaysian Human Hair(6) 100 Malaysian Remy hair(1) Malaysian Human Hair(1) Human hair(1) 100 Brazilian hair(1) 100% Brazilian virgin human hair(1) Peruvian Human Hair(3) 100% Brazilian hair(1) 100% virgin human hair wig(3) Peruvian real human hair(1) Real Human Hair(2) 100 human hair(2) 100 Real Human Hair(7) 100% Real Human Virgin Hair(1) Brazilian Human Hair(11) 100 Brazilian Human hair(1) 100 Virgin Human Hair(2) 100% Brazilian Human hair(7) 100% Human Hair, NO mix(7) 100% Malaysian hair(1) 100 human hair wig(7) 100 Mongolian Human Hair(1) 100 Indian Human Hair(5) human hair wig(2) 100 Real Human Hair Wig(3) Human Hair Wig(3) 100% virgin hair(1) Human Hair No Mix(1)
Hair Texture
Spiral Curly(1)
Net Weight
161g-278g(235) 145g(12) 220g-325g(97) 145g-260g(27) 110g~195g(21) 152g-283g(1) 173g-287g(5) 110g-178g(2)
Human Hair Type
Chinese Hair(1)
Material Grade
Virgin Remy Hair(128) Virgin Hair(92) Remy Hair(25) 100 Real Human Hair(84) Brazilian human hair(9) Brazilian Hair(2) 100 Human Hair(2) Peruvian Human Hair(1) Virgin Huaman Hair(2) Virgin Human Hair(5) 8A real human hair(1) Brazilian virgin hair(1) Brazilian Human Hair(13) Brazilian hair(5) Peruvian hair(1) Peruvian Hair(2) Peruvian human hair(1) Real human hair(1) Remy Human Hair(6) Real Human Hair(12) 100 Virgin Human Hair(1) 100 Real Human Hair, NO mix(1) Brazilian Virgin Hair(1) 100 Malaysia Human Hair(3) 100 Brazilian Human Hair(4) 100 Brazilian Hair(1) Virgin Brazilian Hair(1) 100% Human Hair, no mix(1) 100 Real Human Hair, NO Mix(1) 1bt27 Honey Blonde Human Hair Lace Wig(1)
Suitable Dying Colors
Darker Color Only(375) None(14) none(1) Dark Color(1) Dark color only(3) Dark Color Only(1) All Colors(1) All Color(2)
Base Material
Swiss Lace(1)
Can Be Permed
Color of Lace
Medium Brown(254) Light Brown(99) None Lace(1) Medium brown(3) Transparent(16) Transparent Lace(2) Transparent lace(11) medium brown(2) transparent lace(1) Light brown(6) Transprent(1) Yes(1)
130% Density lace wigs(65) 130% Density U part wigs(1) 130%(94) 180% Density 360 lace wigs(14) 130% Density wigs(1) 130%, 150%, 180%, 200%(10) 130% density(4) 180%(10) 150% density lace wig(1) 260%(1) 300% density wig(3) 180% density(5) 130% 150% 180% 200% density(1) 180% Density(4) 150% Density(21) 130% Density(52) 130% density lace wig(4) 130% Density Wigs(1) 150%(2) 130% Density None Wigs(1) 150% Density lace wigs(8) 180% Density Full Lace Wig(1) 250 high density(9) 250% density wig(69) 250 density wig(1) 250% density wig Straight(7) 250% density wig kinky curly(1) 250% High Density(1) 180% Density Wig(1) 130% density full lace wig(1) 130(9) 130% Density Wig(1) 130% density wig(3)
Color Type
Pure Color(377) Two Tone Golden Brown Black(1) Two Tone Color(1) Average Size(1) 1b/30 Highlight Color(1) Ombre Color(10) Pure color(1) Ombre color(2) Highlight Color(2) Highlight color(1)
Model Number
U part Wigs(25) U part Wigs(1) None Wigs(11) 360 lace wigs(25) 360 lace wig(3) 360 Wigs(1) Lace Front Wig(12) lace front wig And full lace wig(47) lace front wig(96) full lace wig(4) Full Lace Wig(53) Lace Front wig(1) Mono lace Bob wig(1) Glueless Lace Front Wig(78) 360 Lace Wig(5) 180% 360 lace wig(1) Full lace wig(6) Glueless Full Lace Wig(3) 14 inch(1) Lace front wig(1) Medium Size(1) 14 Inch(1) 16 Inch(1) None Lace Wig(1) 20 inch(1) 13x6 lace front wig(9) Wigs For Black Women(3) Glueless Silk base Full lace wig(1) Silk Base Human Hair Wigs(1) Glueless Silk Base full lace wig(3)
Cap Size
Average Size(389) Medium Size(8) Medium size(9) 4x6(1) Average Size 22.5inch(2)
Lead time
3-5days(356) 3-5 days(10) 2~5days(11) 1-2 days(1) 1-3 business days(1) 4-7 Days(1) 4-8 Days(1)
U part Wigs packing with transparent poly bag(27) packing with transparent poly bag(126) 180% Density 360 lace wigs packing with transparent poly bag(21) 360 lace wigs packing with transparent poly bag(3) lace front wig packing with transparent poly bag(108) Full lace wig packing with transparent poly bag(18) lace wig packing with transparent poly bag(2) lace front wig packing(5) 360 lace wig packing with transparent poly bag(2) lace wigs packing with transparent poly bag(4) 150% Density lace wigs packing with transparent poly bag(4) Full lace wig packing(1) 130% Density packing with transparent poly bag(2) Silk Base full lace wig packing with transparent poly bag(4) 1 Piece Only(1)
No shedding, No tangle(385)

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